Sunoco Credit Card

If you have any type of vehicle that helps get you from points "A" and "B", then you know all about the need and costs for gasoline. This is why cards such as the Sunoco Credit Card have been made available in the marketplace to try to help alleviate some of the stress that can come for trying to deal with the high and rising costs of gasoline. If Sunoco is the place that you are usually using in order to fill your gas tank, then the Sunoco Credit Card should become a real investment option for you.

they have two version of the Sunoco Credit Card. One is the in-store only card and the other is their MasterCard logo version. It appears that every applicant is automatically considered for the MasterCard version of the card first. If you would be declined for the MasterCard version of the Sunoco Credit Card, they then measure you up to see if you qualify for the regular Sunoco Credit Card. No matter which one of the Sunoco Credit Cards you get approved for, you will also be enrolled in their ThankYou program for rewards points.

We have made sure to provide the links here for you that will take you to their online application. In case you also are looking for where to login to access your Sunoco Credit Card account, we have also provided the link for that as well. On their website you will also find any other useful contact information you may need. Sometimes, the link for the terms and conditions happens to not work for some reason. This may be due to them possibly updating the information within it. We also have the most current APR and other information here on this page which has been found from their own terms and conditions document when it is working.

Through the ThankYou program, the Sunoco Credit Card allows you to get 2 points per gallon purchased using the Sunoco Credit Card. The points from this may be transferred into use for gift cards and a number of other types of redeemable things. The thing that you will be able to redeem will be found within the catalog that they will provide you upon approval. You can even use points from multiple cards whenever you are ready to redeem them for a particular reward. With the MasterCard feature, you are given 3 points for each dollar spent using your card. Along with that, you also gain 10 points for every gallon that is purchased using your Sunoco Credit Card. There is one point that is gained to your balance for every dollar used to purchase things outside of the other point requirements.

If you love to drive are always looking for new ways to save a little more on gasoline costs, then the Sunoco Credit Card is a worthy choice. The best applicants for this card however will be those who are travelling a great deal and using their Sunoco Credit Card every single time they need anything. Because there are so many points that can be gained with the Sunoco Credit Card, this is why anyone who has ever been given the chance to apply for it has usually taken the chance to get approved for it.